A la Croisée des Mondes
Philip Pullman

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   Radio Play :.

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     From 4 to 18th January 2003 (and since then in 2008 and 2017), the BBC Radio 4 broadcasted a radio play based on Philip Pullman's trilogy His Dark Materials with three episodes of 2.5h each.

     Among the (manwy) innovations of this adaptation, we can mention that Mrs. Coulter's daemon was named Ozymandias, a detail to be later re-used for the graphic novel adaptation of the very same trilogy.

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It is possible to buy the adaptation online, on vinyles, audiotapes, CDs or downloading.

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Adaptation: Lavinia Murray
Music: Billy Cowie
Production: David Hunter

  • Lyra: Lulu Popplewell
  • Pan: Richard Firth
  • Will: Daniel Anthony
  • Kaisa: Simon Donaldson
  • Lord Asriel: Terrence Stamp
  • Stelmaria: Laura Doddington
  • Mrs. Coulter: Emma Fieldin
  • Ozymandias: David Holt
  • Lee Scoresby: Peter Marinker
  • Hester: Carla Simpson
  • Dr Malone: Brin Brenan
  • Iorek: Steve Hodson
  • Iofur: Gerard McDermott
  • Master: Bill Paterson
  • Farder Coram: Kenneth Cranham
  • Serafina Pekkala: Tracy-Ann Oberman
  • Kaisa: Simon Donaldson
  • Ama: Jasmine Hyde
  • Angelica: Victoria O'Donnell
  • Annie: Soumaya Keynes
  • Balthamos: Ray Fearon
  • Baruch: Steve Toussaint
  • Bella: Amy Dunn
  • Billy: Gregg Prentice
  • Boatman: Trevor Peacock
  • Dr. Cooper: Martin Hyder
  • Grumann: Jack Klaff
  • Housekeeper: Joanna Monro
  • Inquirer: David Calder
  • Joey: Ben Crowe
  • Juta: Emma Wooliams
  • King Ogunwe: Burt Ceasar
  • Lord Faa: Shaun Dooley
  • Lord Roke: Adrian Scarborough
  • Ma Costa: Ann Beach
  • Metraton: Philip Madoc
  • Mrs Cooper: Marlene Sideway
  • Mrs Parry: Joanna Monoro
  • No-Name: Adjoa Andoh
  • Paolo: Gregg Prentice
  • Paradisi: Richard Johnson
  • Roger: Leagh Conwell
  • Ruta Skadi: Joanna Kanska
  • Salcilia: Emma Woolliams
  • Santelia: Ioan Meredith
  • Sir Charles: John Carlisle
  • Thorold: Martin Hyder
  • Tialys: David Timson
  • Tony: Oliver Cookson
  • Tullio: Scott Brooksbank
  • Walters: Stuart Fox
  • Xaphania: Jennie Stoller
  • Additional voices: Ewan Bailey, Oliver Cookson, Laura Doddington, Stuart Fox, Martin Hyder, Carla Simpson...

Sources and copyrights
All details provided on this page come from the BBC's website and the physical audiotape edition of the programm.
Last update: 14/02/2020


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