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Philip Pullman

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Philip Pullman, l'auteur

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Philip Pullman - pic: Jonas D. pour Cittagazze
     Philip Pullman was born in the United-Kingdom, in Norwich, on October 19, 1946. Grandson to to a protestant clergyman and son of a RAF pilot who died as he was only 8, he spent part of his childhood in Australia, Zimbabwe and Wales, where he spent his teenage years. He went later to Oxford and attended Exeter College, being the first of his family to achieve this with parents not very inclined to long studies. He stayed in the city as a teacher before being full-time author. He still lives near Oxford with his wife.

     He was very early fond of stories and tales and soon wants to be a wrier, even if he doesn't like this word. Philip Pullman has a humble stand in regard of litterary creation: he says he only writes stories.

     Most of his books are branded for children - even if he hates age-branding - but he also writes for adultes and also adapted for his pupils many popular stories by the past.

He has an official website and a Twitter account where he regularely reacts to latest newt and updates his readers on his books or answers their questions. He even used at some point the 140-word format to tell the fabulous adventures of a secret-agent housefly named Jeffrey...

He was knighted for services to litterature within the New Year Promotion of 2019: you can call him Sir Philip.



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