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.: Bande Annonce de Milla 94 :.
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     Bande Annonce de Milla 94
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BUYnFqCcu :
Well here is my humble opoiinn. I enjoyed the movie, have purchased the DVD and just bought the two disc Blu Ray. I was very dissapointed that the second and third books have not been made into movies as of yet. I understand the argument about the religious philosphy being attacked and filmmakers did not want to offend the church. However, with the crap movies Hollywood puts out quite often I would think they would at least consider this best selling trilogy worth their effort. I just read on another site that this movie only made $70 million domestically and cost $180 to make, yet it has made $300 worldwide with its best showing in, of all places, Italy! One comment above was it's a fantasy , that is true so treat as such fantasy and reality, although similar in some aspects, they are still separate. I thought the actors in the movie were very good. For a first time actress Dakota Blue Richards pulled off the part of Lyra very convincingly. As with all books to movie conversions compromises MUST be made. As far as the editing was concerned I think it was done very well. If consideration is ever made to make the sequels the cast will definitely have to be re-cast. All of the actors who made The Golden Compass will now be too old to play their parts in The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass. Hopefully the powers to be will think about this and make the sequels at the same time or back to back as in TLOTR and HP series. This way they will have the same cast, crew and locations and set pieces saving on the production costs. I do hope they get a stronger director. I watched the special features on the GC blu ray and Wietz, although claiming to be a huge fan of the books, seemed wishy washy. First being the bottom of the barrel pick for director, accepting the spot, then dropping out, then coming back in. Just didn't seem like he was the one to have taken on such a responsibility, and at times in his interviews he wasn't sure himself! All in all I enjoyed the movie, wish they would have made the sequels earlier. Stick it to the church!! All they want is control and looks like they got it for now anyway.
le samedi 27 juin 2015 - 05:32

Sovany :
Moua jaime bocouw Et la musique est trow zolie
le mardi 02 octobre 2007 - 20:51

moi :
j'espere que c'est pas l'alétihométre l'objet du debut
le samedi 17 février 2007

marine :
je n'aime pas du tout!
le mercredi 15 novembre 2006

microdab :
La bouteille en plastique qu'on aperçoit derrière ça fait pas très crédible.Mais j'aime bien la peluche qui fait daemon
le jeudi 17 août 2006

Erwinn :
moi je prefere celle la que la première
le samedi 05 août 2006

~Ambre~ :
nan, moi c'est ma préférée!
le mardi 20 juin 2006

nefdulinwen :
moué je prejere la dexieme
le samedi 03 juin 2006

Maewinn :
heu moui... je suis d'accord avec les deux émetteurs des précédents commentaires, Lyra ne correspond pas du tout et les séquences où elle apparaît donnent l'impression qu'elle part avec vacances [dixit Kirjava*]...Elle danse même? Bonne continuation tout de même
le lundi 29 mai 2006

kirjava* :
Je suis d'accord avec ce'nedra. La fille ressemble pas à l'idée que je me faisais de Lyra. On a l'impression que c'est quelqu'un qui part en vacances. remarque c'est un peu le cas apparemment. la musique est très bien. en tous cas ça pourrait le faire !! bonne chance
le samedi 13 mai 2006
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