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His Dark Materials, the BBC series
      In 2015, BBC One commissioned the production company BadWolf for a TV adaptation of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials.

Founded by former BBC producers Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner (Doctor Who), Bad Wolf teams for this project with Scholastic (Deborah Forte) and New Line Cinema (Toby Emmerich & Carolyn Blackwood), both involved in Chris Weitz's The Golden Compass en 2007, already based on the first book in Philip Pullman's trilogy. The author will also act as executive producer of the show.

Jack Thorne, co-writer of the stageplay Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, was named in 2016 as scriptwriter. In early 2017, as Bad Wolf uploaded on its Twitter account two pics of his script for the series' first episode, the title was clearly visible: "Roger".

The series is expected to be a five-series show of 8 episodes each. Pre-production is currentlw ongoing while main shooting of series 1 should take place over the Summer 2018 at Wolf Studios, Cardiff, Wales. Each episode will be 1-hour long.

Dafne Keen, 13, was recently announced as Lyra and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Lee Scoresby. Auditions are currently for other roles. Tom Hooper is expected to direct the first eight episodes.

   Confirmed news :.

  • Press release: series is commissioned - English | French translation (by Cittàgazze)
  • Press release: Jack Thorne apointed as scriptwriter - English | French Translation (by Cittàgazze)
  • Press: Jack Thorne apointed as scriptwrtier: English | French translation (by Cittàgazze)
  • Press: 5 series and 40 episodes for His Dark Materials - English
  • Press: Dafne Keen, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Tom Hooper join the series: EW (09/03/2018).

  • Press: James McAvoy and Clarke Peters join the series: Wales Online (08/06/2018).

  • Press: Ruth Wilson joins the series: Wales Online (08/06/2018).

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  • The team
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    Reference for each name is linked to the symbol *

  • Actors:
       Lyra: Dafne Keen *
       Lee Scoresby: Lin-Manuel Miranda *
       Lord Asriel: James McAvoy *
       Marisa Coulter: Ruth Wilson *
       The Master: Clarke Peters *
  • Director: Tom Hooper *
  • Scriptwriter: Jack Thorne *
  • Casting: Danny Jackson *
  • Production designer:
       Joel Collins *
       James North *
  • Location Manager: Gareth Skelding *
  • Executive Producers:
       Philip Pullman *
       Julie Gardner (BadWolf)*
       Jane Tranter (BadWolf)*
       Toby Emmerich (New Line Cinema)*
       Carolyn Blackwood (New Line Cinema)*
       Bethan Jones (BBC One) *
       Deborah Forte (Scholastic)*
       Dan McCulloch *

    Last update: 12/06/2018

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